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What to Do If Your Basement Floods

Coming home to a flooded basement is something we all hope we never have to deal with. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us, especially if you live in Central Indiana. So, if and when it does, what do we do?

Safety First

First, nothing is more important than safety! We all know that water and electricity pose a very dangerous threat! Never enter a basement, or any other area with electrical outlets when water is present, until you are absolutely sure that the power has been turned off. This point can’t be stressed enough. It is also important to be aware of harmful chemicals and/or pollutants that may be present in the water; particularly if the source of the issue is related to a sanitary sewer. If you do enter these areas, it is always best to wear protective gear…..gloves, safety glasses, or even a face mask. If the water comes in contact with your skin, wash it immediately and thoroughly!

Shut Your Water Off

Call a restoration company or plumbing professional as soon as possible to have the source of the problem dealt with appropriately. If possible to do so safely, you may try and shut off the water supply and remember that if the source of your issue is sewer related….don’t run appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines, and don’t flush your toilets.

Call Insurance About Water Coverage

You should also call your insurance company immediately and know your coverage. Your insurance company will likely advise you on what you should and should not do, provide you with contractors to call, and talk your through the claims process. We at Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services & Cleaning Services also suggest taking as many photos as possible (remember, safety first), document the timing and extent of the damage, and note the affected areas and items as best you can.

IRCS is here 24/7/365 to help if disaster strikes! Call our professionals at 317.776.9942 any time of day and we will get you on the path to recovery. We work with virtually all insurance companies and have 26 years of experience. But always put safety first!