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What to Do After Your Home is Damaged by a Tornado

What to Do After Your Home is Damaged by a Tornado

If your home has been damaged in a tornado, it can be a traumatizing time for you and your loved ones. This is one of the most destructive and frightening experiences any family can face. That’s why, in this article, we’re going to give you the rundown on what you need to know every step of the way.

Priorities in the Storm

The first thing to do in the event of a tornado is to prioritize the safety of yourself and your family members. Check with each and every family member and make sure they’re safe and well before you even think about storm damage. If necessary, don’t hesitate to call for medical help. Next, you’ll want to think about the safety of others. Check on your neighbors and make sure that they’re okay. If they’re not, you should call medical help for them as well. Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that the threat is really over: observe local weather reports to determine whether or not any more bad weather is expected for your area. Once everyone is taken care of, and the weather seems clear, it’s time to move on to assessing the damage.

After the Storm…

Immediately following the storm, you may be tempted to head back into your house to see what the damage looks like, but it’s important to wait to do so until you’re told that it’s safe by a qualified inspector. This is important because the home’s structure might present unsafe conditions. When you are cleared to enter the home, you’ll want to inspect for damages and take pictures of anything that you happen to find. These pictures will be extremely valuable in the next step, which is calling your homeowner’s insurance company and starting the claims process. It’s best to do this as early as possible.

Alerting the Authorities

It can be worth contacting the Red Cross if your home has suffered extensive tornado damage. Especially if many homes in your area were damaged by the storm, the Red Cross is usually equipped to provide basic services to those in need, such as shelter, food, and other necessary items. This can be a lifesaver during a time when your home might not be safely habitable, so don’t neglect it. You’ll need all the help you can get.

Cleaning and Repair

When the time finally comes to begin cleanup and repair, you’ll want to go about it in a systematic and orderly fashion. The first step in any cleanup and repair process is to remove all the water from the premises in any way you can. The longer standing water sits around, the longer it’s causing damage to your structure and potentially rendering it unsalvageable. In some cases, you may well have to rent a pump in order to remove water from certain areas of your home.

The next step you’ll want to take is removing all the wet drywall, carpet, and other materials from your home. Just like with standing water, wet materials can become an even greater hazard when left in place, producing mold or causing further damage to walls and flooring. It’s best to get rid of it as soon as possible.

After all that is done, you can move on to the process of removing all broken windows from the home and engaging in yard cleanup. Lastly, you’ll want to closely inspect your home’s siding and roofing for even minor damage. It’s rare to go through a tornado without suffering some damage to housing and siding, and this is something that you’ll want to get on repairing right away, before it leads to even more serious damage down the road.

When the Job is Just Too Big…

If you’ve assessed all the damage caused to your home by a tornado and found that the job is just beyond your capacity to handle yourself, then it’s time to call in a professional. Indiana Restoration is a highly qualified and experienced company that is specialized in providing cleanup and restoration services after your home suffers tornado damage. If you’re in doubt, don’t delay; reach out today to find out about their excellent home repair solutions!


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