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Cost of Remediation

Hearing the word “mold” as it relates to your home almost always makes us uneasy and we typically fear the worst.  Certain types of mold can be dangerous to humans; and in some cases, it can be very expensive to remove or remediate.

It can not be overstated that when dealing with mold in your home, NEVER sacrifice your family’s health to save a few dollars.  When mold is located in your home, the smart and wise thing to do is call a professional.   When calling a professional to deal with your issue, make sure you choose one that has a great deal of experience dealing with mold.

Costs related to removing mold in the home can vary widely from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand for mold in a crawlspace to tens of thousands of dollars if your home has been flooded and left unattended.  Homeowners should always be aware of the terms and limits of their insurance policy.  When speaking with your agent, it is important to ask questions related to mold so you’re well-aware of any coverage that you may or may not have.

Though the cost of removal can vary, the value of having the work done by an accredited professional is priceless.  The right mold professional will take appropriate containment measures, and will check your crawlspace, attic, and ductwork to ensure that mold hasn’t recirculated throughout your home from its original location.  It is important to know that if mold is not handled the right way, it can get into your ventilation systems and circulate in your home…even if the original location of the mold has been properly addressed. While mold can impact our health, it can be particularly dangerous to infants, children, the elderly, and anyone with reduced lung capacity.

So, safety first!  And don’t forget the value of a mold professional when dealing with cost of mold removal in your home.  If you have mold concerns, or would like to know more about steps you can take to prevent mold formation and growth in your home, call the experts at Indiana Restoration & Cleaning Services & Cleaning Services, Inc. at 317-776-9942 or visit us at  Let us put our 26 years of experience to work for you!