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Can your Home Handle the Summer Heat?

Can your Home Handle the Summer Heat?

Are you loving this summer heat? We sure are! But with the heat comes potential risks to your home you wouldn’t even recognize it until it becomes an issue.

The heat from the summer sun can cause property damage to multiple areas of your home, and here are some key areas of your home in Indiana you should look out for:

Damage to your crawlspace from trapped air

Home ventilation is by far the best way to dry out attics and cool the house during the hot summer months. When warm air finds the cold surfaces in your crawlspace, you can expect condensation to form, resulting in wet crawlspace walls and floors. Over time, the humidity will build up over time and cause mold growth, mildew, and rot. The best way to protect your crawlspace from summer heat damage is to waterproof the area.

Damage to your Roof

Just like in the winter, the summer months can also cause damage to your roof over time. When the shingles become dry and inflexible they are prone to cracking. Cracked shingles increase the risk of moisture getting below the shingles and into the roof structure.  Also, any caulk used to install them can also dry out and cause leaks.

Damage to Hardwood Flooring

As hardwood flooring can be affected by humidity changes, you may notice slight changes when looking at the floors within your home during the summer months. During hot and humid temperatures, floors will swell with moisture and even fill gaps under the baseboards. A certain amount of hardwood floor cupping is to be expected during the summertime. However, if your flooring was not properly installed or has not been appropriately maintained, permanent and preventable damage may occur.

Plumbing issues from the increase in water use

Both mold and water damage can occur because of humidity and heat. Furthermore, with the increase in water use, the plumbing system is more likely to leak, so it’s best to inspect your plumbing thoroughly.


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